The Art of Persuasion – The Right Way

We need to understand how people are influenced, and what it takes to persuade people. That knowledge is the key to showing people what the cultural Right is all about. We cannot assume that our people can see through the Leftist fog. They need a guide, and that is what The Art of Persuasion – The Right Way is about.

We need to clearly show our people that the life they long for – one of civility, order, cleanliness, trust, and prosperity – is what the cultural Right is all about.

These videos are designed as a series of lessons on how to design and plan videos, public events, and other forms of outreach to those in the middle, as well as supporting and encouraging those already on the Right.

Why should anyone listen to what I have to say about persuasion and influencing the culture?
Good question. The best answer is simply that it’s a topic that I am very interested in, that I pay close attention to, and that I study carefully; it’s not rocket science. In addition to that, my B.A. was in Advertising and Public Relations, and for the past 26 years, I have made a very comfortable living with political candidates and PACs as my customers. I have been a candidate, a campaign treasurer, a political campaign speech writer, convention delegate, campaign staffer, and generally been involved in the nuts-and-bolts of getting candidates elected. (Background)

The Power of Hope

Using Humor and Mockery

Metaphor and Stock Video

Surprise and Details