Not for our time, but for all time.
Not for all people, but for our people.


The Civil Right is about traditional Southern culture, civility and stability, and the social/political system that results from it. What, exactly, does the Civil Right believe? The foundation can be found in the idea of Freedom of Association.

What are the key beliefs of the Civil Right?

ꔷ Nationalism, in its broadest sense, is vital to the long term well-being of a people.
ꔷ Equality is nowhere to be found in the real world, and any attempt by a society to force equality is destructive to both the society and the individual.
ꔷ Diversity of race and culture has always resulted in turmoil, discord, and distrust – the exact opposite of what the Civil Right strives for. Diversity destroys, and must itself be destroyed.
ꔷ Immigration must support a homogeneous nation; it must never be used to promote diversity.
ꔷ Hierarchy in a society is a reflection of the way a strong family is structured, and is the best pattern to follow.
ꔷ Hierarchy includes the God of The Bible as reigning supreme over all. Christian principles and general doctrine are a fundamental part of the Civil Right; however, that does not mean theocracy.
ꔷ Democracy is mob rule. It is corrosive to a culture and always leads to mediocrity. Various forms of monarchy and aristocracy have stood the test of time, and continue the theme of hierarchy and traditional family structure.
ꔷ Striving for something bigger and higher than the individual is the mark of a healthy society. A focus on individualism leads to self-centered mediocrity.
ꔷ A civil society is an orderly society. Order and stability within a society is a core objective of the Civil Right.
Not for Our time, but for All time. The Civil Right takes a very long-term view. It is planting trees whose shade we will not live to enjoy. It is sacrificing now for a better future. In economics, it is known as Low Time Preference.
ꔷ The Civil Right has, as its foundation, the Southern Traditionalist culture of European-descended Whites who settled The South. Race is an important factor in a culture, and for our purposes that race is the White race.

With its white background symbolizing purity and virtue, and its field of the Southern cross symbolizing the Lost Cause of The South, the Stainless Banner is a flag that accurately symbolizes the Civil Right. The flag, as representing the people and culture of those who founded The South, was called “The White Man’s Flag” by flag designer William Thompson – a sobriquet that was never widely accepted, but is now used by the Left in their attempt to demonize this beautiful flag that represents our people.

When we speak of “the Right”, we speak of cultural matters rather than strictly political matters. Politics follows culture, and there is much overlap, but culture always precedes politics. Those who try to take a shortcut by changing politics without first changing the culture are certain to fail in the long term. Our focus here is on the Southern traditionalist culture, a subset of what is often referred to as “the Right”.

We want to show the way to those who simply want a better life for their families and their descendants than the degenerate culture that has become the norm. The Civil Right is for those who cherish their God, their family, their people, and traditional Southern culture.

The Civil Right is not a group or an organization – it is a set of ideas under one label. It is a guide for the present and a strategy for the future. It is one answer to “What comes next?”

The Civil Right is focused on putting us back on the right path: to re-create the best of Western civilization while learning from the mistakes of the past.

Think of the Civil Right as traditional Southern culture; think of the Southern gentleman and what that means. It is the viewpoint of those who are focused on building strong families, building a society that supports a strong family structure, and using the hierarchy structure of the family as a pattern for society.

A Few Quotes to Ponder

The Right is about authority; the Left is about control.
– Wagner Clemente Soto

He descended from a line of men who had put all their glory into serving; ‘to be free’ seemed to them an ideal of slaves.
– Vladimir Volkoff

Leadership, not management.
Husbandry, not agriculture.
Craft, not production.
Community, not society.

Life is identity, definiteness, form, order, hierarchy, and limits. Those who would affirm life must affirm all of these things.
– Collin Claery