Getting From Here to There

The Civil Right recognizes monarchy, in its broadest sense, as the best option for organizing a society. It is only one facet of what makes up the Civil Right, but it can be a real “sticking point” that some people just can’t get past. The problem is that, without a path to get from where we are now to some form of monarchy, that portion of the Civil Right is really little more than a nice fairy tale. This page attempts to provide an answer to that. In order to do so, we tread some very unstable ground, so please keep in mind a few points:

ꔷ This is pure conjecture
ꔷ Predictions are not wishes
ꔷ Again – monarchy is only one facet of the Civil Right

The fact is that there is no straight, unbroken line between here and there. The word “unbroken” was quite intentional. The Civil Right could be considered advanced planning for “what comes after”.

How might we go from a complex democracy to a monarchy here in America? There is no direct route without first going through the demise of the current system.

Civilizations come and go. Some quietly fade away while others crash into complete collapse. The more complex a civilization is, the more fragile and less resilient it is, and thus, the more likely it is to completely collapse in a rather spectacular manner.

The current society in America is an incredibly complex system that rests on a rapidly crumbling foundation. When something cannot continue – it won’t. It may crumble gradually, or it may collapse as an avalanche builds when something gives way. What could trigger a total collapse of government, technology, finance, transportation, commerce, and everything else that our society depends upon is anyone’s guess. Given a long enough time frame, at some point, it is certain to happen.

What happens next is all that really matters. People will organize. That’s just what we do. Those who do not quickly organize will either die, or be conquered or absorbed by those who do. Without transportation and communications systems, society will begin to be organized into small groups – first neighbors, then neighborhoods, then eventually town or county-sized or even larger groups.

Some groups will try to replicate the former USA, some will try pure democracy, some will be basically primitive hippy communes, others will become little more than glorified warlord gangs. There will probably be Black nationalist groups, White nationalist groups, neo-nazi groups, Sharia groups, radical libertarian groups, communist groups, and pretty much any arrangement that one can imagine. There will also be monarchies.

Those groups that become monarchies will coalesce around natural leaders who have a vision and can articulate that vision to others; leaders who can inspire and encourage and teach; leaders who seek long term solutions and have an unwavering devotion and loyalty to those under his leadership.

Whether the reigning monarch is called a king or a clan chieftain or something else matters little. The chances of any one colony surviving and thriving may be small, but if enough of them are started, enough will survive to rebuild society. It’s a Darwinian numbers game. It’s also the ultimate test of the Marketplace of Ideas – different systems will either succeed or fail based solely on their own merit. If history is any predictor, monarchy will be among the few winners.

Think of the Civil Right as advanced planning for such a time.