Just as Europe has various cultures; so too, does America. These cultures were brought here by the European people who first founded this country. They were then molded and shaped by the land and the mixture of people in that land. A good example of that is the Southern Agrarian culture: the English and the Scots who settled in The South brought their culture with them, but it was blended and strengthened and shaped by the people and by their deep roots in Southern soil. We’ll look at the different cultures in more detail.

To be included here, a culture must have characteristics that are widely identified with that culture.

Continuing with the Southern Agrarian example:

  • Music and Dance – Hearing “Dixie” being played brings to mind “Southern” to anyone familiar with the culture.
  • Language and Accent – The Southern accent is instantly identifiable. Other traits are words of respect and honor, such as “sir” and “ma’am”; in addition the use of profane or obscene language still shocks and labels the user as a person of vulgar, low-life character, unfit to be around decent people.
  • Art and Architecture – Show someone a photo of an antebellum plantation home, and they know it is Southern. Southern architecture begins with classic European design, and modifies it to suit the climate.

There are some that claim to be a culture, but are not what we are concerned with here. An example would be urban thug “culture”. A culture must be such that it lifts a People to something higher than themselves for it to meet our definition of culture – something that urban thugs clearly don’t have.