About The Civil Right Site

The Civil Right is published by
Stephen Clay McGehee
and began on August 7, 2017.



This is where I stand – even if I stand alone.

The Civil Right is a set of ideas that I have thought about over the years. This set of ideas is based on traditional Southern culture and inspired by the ideals of the Southern gentleman and The Old South. This site serves as a repository of those ideas, under the label of Civil Right, in the hope that others may find it to be the idea set that they identify with.

Having a clearly identified label (the Civil Right) is important. A label must be tied to a stable set of ideas to be useful.

This site has a very simple purpose – to define the Civil Right and what it stands for.

Stephen Clay McGehee

  • The image on the header is the Stainless Banner (Second National flag of the CSA).
  • Content is edited as needed, and without notice.


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